Theo’s Restaurant: A Mediterranean Oasis in Penticton BC

Restaurant Information

Restaurant: Theo’s Restaurant

Address: 687 Main Street, Penticton BC

Phone: (250)-492-4019


a photo of the Greek theme exterior of Theo's Restaurant

A summer visit to the Okanagan regions of interior BC have bought me to the city of Penticton. It is situated between Okanagan and Skaha Lakes. A place known for its many fun-filled outdoor activities and its close proximity to the neighbouring predominant BC wineries, its historic downtown is filled with both amazing restaurants. One particular restaurant that has captivated me during this visit was the famous Theo’s Restaurant.

the inside passage of the restaurant that connects the front entrance into the dining area

Beautiful Dining Room at Theo’s

I decided to make a reservation at Theo’s for dinner. I was lucky that I did as a lineup has already started at 7:30pm. Theo’s exterior has beautiful English Ivy vines growing around the establishment. Once inside Theo’s and through a Greece style indoor patio area, another set of glass doors leads to a beautifully decorated indoor Mediterranean garden dining room full of dried flowers and seeds. It was also full of items collected by the restaurant owner over the years. I was particularly fond of the big leaf plants growing freely inside the dining hall.

a photo of the beautiful bar of Theo's with dry flowers hanging above the entire bar

I was lead to a bamboo table and armchair covered with colorful floral tablecloth and enough cushions to make me felt like home. The menu at Theo’s was full of all the lovely classic Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Some has vegetarian options and gluten free options. I decided to go with my stable favorite: Slow roasted lamb shoulder.

Authentic Greek Cuisine

a dish of generous amount of house made sundried tomato and extra virgin olive oil

Shortly after ordering, a basket of warm soft bread roll and a dish of generous amount of house made sundried tomato and extra virgin olive oil was served. The slightly sour sundried tomato and the sweetness of the olive oil was a great balance of taste to help increase the appetite, especially during the hot and dry summer days.

a photo of the slow roasted lamb shoulder served with vegetables

When the roasted lamb shoulder arrived, I was in awe of the sheer size of the dish! It looked like a feast for two. I knew I could not finish all of it so I started cutting the lamb shoulder into half. The outside of the meat seems to have been lightly fried as it has a crunchy texture. The inside of the meat was so tender that it seems to melt apart as the knife cuts through. The creamy sauce has a slightly hint of yellow curry, adding an element of exotic flavour. It is truly a classic dish well cooked and presented.

Revisiting Theo’s

Housemade Dessert

Theos housemade Greek Ice Cream in Rasberry and Lavendor Lemon Flavour
Theos housemade Greek Ice Cream in Rasberry and Lavendor Lemon Flavour

A recent visit to Penticton bought me back to Theo’s for dinner. Upon dessert, we ordered their house made ice-cream: Rasberry and Lavendor Lemon, which proven to be incredible. Their ice-cream were freshly made in small batch and has a delicious citrus taste. Luck has it that the day we visited was when they had their ice-cream available. I can only hope my next visit will be as fortunate and they have my favorite Lavendor Lemon ice-cream again.


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