Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smoke House: An Unexpected Vegetarian Delight

Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smoke House: An Unexpected Vegetarian Delight

 Address: 562 Beatty St Vancouver
Phone: (604)-559-0611

The Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smoke House specializes in serving tender smoked meat, and both creative and classic cocktails in a warehouse-like Vancouver-esque atmosphere.  After arriving early for a concert at the Rogers Arena the hungry bug hit hard and I found myself searching for a dine-worthy spot that could satisfy all people in my party. I’m a vegetarian living in a meat-filled world so why should I deprive my loved ones from dining at the places they desire for a night out on the town?  This is the place we agreed upon and one I had noticed a few times in passing while leaving the Stadium/Chinatown skytrain station.

First things first, the drinks!
The Devil’s Elbow’s drink menu focusses on mostly brew and bourbon with an emphasis on whisky tastings.  There is a little of everything satisfying every taste and there is a Whisky Room available for reservation in the back. Being a Gin drinker, the cocktail that stood out to me was their take on a Vesper Martini. This drink was initially invented and named by 1953 James Bond, Casino Royale novelist Ian Fleming.  The Devil’s Elbow’s version contained the original vodka and gin marriage but with Cocchi Americano wine instead of Kina Lillet. It is finished with a splash of oil of orange to add the citric perfume essence that gin fuses so well with. Tasty and tart.

Our cocktails of choice. My Vesper Martini (bottom left) and my companions Whisky Sour (right).

After looking over the menu I decided on two of the few Vegetarian options The Devil’s Elbow had; Deep Fred Pickles and their homemade Veggie patty burger.

Deep Fried Pickles. (Picture taken from the Devil’s Elbow Ale & Smoke House’s website)

Liberally breaded and flavourfully seasoned Deep Fried Pickles served with a spicy sour cream. A crispy, addictive outer layer encasing the warm and vinegary pickle goodness.  The creamy sour cream is a perfect dip coating for these delicious dills.

The Veggie patty with fries and Adobo sauce

I was shocked and intrigued when my server told me that the Veggie burger was a house-made  patty. This being a meat oriented restaurant I was ready for anything!  Luckily this beautifully put together legume and zucchini patty proved both delicious and perfectly dressed. Layered guacamole, mushroom, tomato, lettuce,  chipotle mayo and smoked cheddar make this a burger to remember.  Served with fresh and crispy French fries and an Adobo “ketchup” which tastes similar to marinara. Simply scrumptious.

This vegetarian is fortunate to find some new veggie favourites on the fly.  Certainly a spot I will be returning to with friends that are whisky and bourbon lovers or if I’m ever in the area again.

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