La Brass: An Enchanting Fine Dining Experience

La Brass: An Enchanting Fine Dining Experience

Address: 4473 West 10th Ave ​Vancouver, BC
Phone Number: 604-222-1980


There is nothing more exquisite to me than the delicacy of classic French cuisine.  Brilliantly balanced dishes put together with such refinement and finesse, when presented, they are almost too beautiful to eat.  A perfect representation of this statement is the experience I received when I dined at La Brass.

Located in the West Point Grey area just south of Jericho Beach, La Brass awaited to charm me and my guests with an intimate culinary adventure.  I chose this restaurant for my Mothers Birthday dinner and had a feeling it would not disappoint.  The party attendees consisted of meat lovers, vegetarians and even a youngster. There was something for everyone and by the end of the meal not one face could be found without a smile.  The buzz from our table was ignited by the flavourful food and alluring atmosphere and the experience is one my mother still speaks of with sentiment.

Top: Panisse (Herbed Chickpea Cakes), Bottom Left: Haricot Amandine (Green Beans Sautéed with Almonds) and Bottom Right: Chou-fleur Roti (Oven Charred Cauliflower).


We began our meal with a few tantalizing tapas.  I ordered the Panisse (Herbed Chickpea Cakes), Haricot Amandine (Green Beans Sautéed with Almonds) and Chou-fleur Roti (Oven Charred Cauliflower). The Panisse was exceptionally creamy inside with a light and crispy exterior. It was joined harmoniously by a perfectly acidic and vibrantly coloured Salsa Verde.  The Haricot Amandine had an enjoyable daintiness and was beautifully dressed with an Espelette pepper seasoning. The Chou-fleur Roti was perfectly tender and tossed in a tasty pimento and fresh chilli vinaigrette.  These were the perfect beginning to my meal.

I followed those dishes with a pasta, the Ravioli aux Champignon (Mushroom Ravioli), and the layered Terrine Vegetarien. The Mushroom Raviolis were delicate and magnificently married with a rich butter cream sauce. The dish was gently decorated with diced tomato, chopped herbs and curls of fresh parmesan. The Terrine Vegetarien was incredibly refined and meticulously plated. Thin layers of roasted peppers, eggplant, zucchini, goat cheese and potatoes baked in a zesty tomato sauce.  It was topped by a fresh and crisp salad with tangy dressing. A masterpiece and almost a shame to eat.

Right: Clafoutis and Left: the Dulce de Leche Crème Brulee

No Birthday dinner would be complete without dessert.  I couldn’t resist ordering both the Clafoutis and the Dulce de Leche Crème Brulee.  The Clafoutis was a warm flan baked with fruit inside.  The plate was beautifully decorated with a delicious fruit sauce that  brought out the best qualities of the flan.  The Dulce de Leche Crème Brulee had an evenly crisp top crust protecting the soft caramel custard contained within.  This was absolutely divine and everything you would expect from a perfectly prepared Crème Brulee.
This was one of the most special dining experiences I have enjoyed and look forward to future visit to try other dishes like the Gemelli Florentine and the Brie Raclette.  I can hardly wait.


Here are some dishes my guests enjoyed. Top Left: Scallops; Top Right: Mussels in White Wine sauce; Bottom Left: Roasted Half Chicken with seasonal Vegetables; Bottom Right: Squid Ink Spaghetti with fresh Clams



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