Spicy Mayo Tuna and Kimchi on Bun

Homemade tuna melt bun with kimchi garnish. Photo by: Kaila So

Cook from Home while Work from Home

Lunch became a great little break to switch my brain towards something very hands on while WFH. It became an energizing “me time” in the middle of the day. I am also glad to make more use of my kitchen, which for sometime has been left untouched during my many travels. I recently trialed some quick and easy recipes, like this Spicy Mayo Tuna and Kimchi on Bun, and hope to share more similar quick and easy lunch ideas in the next several blog posts.

East meet West: Spicy Mayo and Kimchi

I particularly enjoy having spicy food during the hot summer months. A bit of spice really helped with my appetite and keeping me awake for the afternoon meetings. I’ve created an quick and easy recipe to make an “East meet West” tuna bun that includes kimchi, one of my all time favorite food. It only take a quick 10 minutes to make, perfect for those short in-between-virtual-meeting weekdays.


For 2 people portions:

  • 120g chunk light tuna
  • some kimchi, diced ( I like this kimchi from my local grocery store, or any similar cabbage kimchi will work really well)
  • some spicy mayo
  • a pinch of salt and pepper
  • a chunk of butter
  • 2 kosher buns / 4 pieces of slice bread, pending your preference


  1. Drain tuna from can, mix in your preference amount of spicy mayo ( or regular mayo if you prefer it to be not as spicy)
  2. Slightly drain the kimchi, dice to preferred size
  3. Heat up pan, melt butter. Cut open kosher bun and put the inside face down on the melted butter. heat until the bun is slightly crunchy
  4. Take bun off pan, spread the spicy mayo tuna on bottom bun, then put some diced kimchi on top, cover top bun. Lunch is served!

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