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Concord grapes from Keremeos, BC, frozen and ready to serve as a sweet treat.

Frozen Grapes: Easy recipe for all occasions

Frozen Grapes: Heathy natural treat Frozen grapes are really easy to make and tastes great as a healthy natural sweet treat. Different types of grapes yields different sweetness once they are frozen.…


Spicy Mayo Tuna and Kimchi on Bun

Cook from Home while Work from Home Lunch became a great little break to switch my brain towards something very hands on while WFH. It became an energizing “me time” in the…

Wooden Fish Hanoi Beef Noodle

Wooden Fish: Hearty Vietnamese Cuisine at Ambleside, West Van

There’s no doubt the food prepared by Wooden Fish are amazing. Since our initial visit, whenever we are in the Ambleside area, we tried to visit Wooden Fish again. The Hanoi Beef Noodle was a great dish at great value ($14 and on top you can ask for free refill for the noodles).



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