Hopwired Festival: A Craft Beer and Coffee Collaboration Event

A photo of a beer or cold brew coffee beverage Photo copyright Hopwired Festival

About Hopwired Festival

Hopwired Festival event photo
Hopwired Festival event photo

Hopwired Festival is the largest event in Canada celebrating the collaboration of craft beer and coffee. Produced by West Craft, Hopwired Festival offer attendees an unique up close and personal experience with 30 beers and 14 coffee roasters, food trucks and donuts, and more. Participating vendors include Vancouver local favorite 33 Acres Brewing Co., Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel from Quebec, Pallet Coffee Roasters,Galileo Coffee Company from Britannia Beach BC and so much more.

Pour over coffee photo copyright Hopwired Festival
Pour over coffee photo copyright Hopwired Festival

Things to do at Hopwired Festival


All-inclusive espresso and coffee pours throughout the event, and beer pours exchanged by tokens. (Ticket includes 4 beer drink tokens. 1 token is required per 4oz pour of any beer. Extra tokens are available for purchase on-site.)


Vancouver foodie fan favorite Cartems Donuts and a selection of food trucks are among the participants at the event.


Coffee and beer products available for purchase on site.


Tasting panels by Cascadian Beer, Coffee Awards presented by Vancouver Coffee Snob, meet and greet the creative master minds behind the beverage creations- the coffee roasters and craft brewers, and more.

The Event Special:

Exclusive collaboration brews that you won’t see anywhere else. Some of these beers have been a year in the planning just to perfect the perfect pint.

Hopwired Festival vendors
Hopwired Festival vendors

Q&A with Hopwired Festival

CC: What was the inspiration for creating this event?

Hopwired: We have such a great number of local high quality producers in the craft beer and third wave coffee market. We want to use to create an opportunity to encourage a sort-of beer cafe culture that we don’t really have in our city. Hopwired Festival brings together cross-promotion through collaboration. The fact that we already have 90% tickets sold indicates a high demand for such a cross collaboration market.

Being the change I want to see is my motto through-and-through. Multi-market festivals don’t exist with the exception of cider and beer, so the idea was to add value to our beverage community.

CC: Please describe the process of bringing the roasters and brewers together for this event.

Hopwired: A lot of bringing people together is matchmaking. We see plenty of businesses that could strengthen another’s by the diversity of products, regional similarities, and or existing friendships/partnerships. The process was months of massive amount of back-and-forth communication. We are proud to be the bridge that is delivering this beautiful result of unqiue opportunities for our vendors and products for our attendees.

CC: What are some of the things that you would like to expect from at the festival?

Hopwired: Seeing people happy and excited to try new products is very important. We are here to encourage “mindful drinking” – I don’t want to give the impression that we’re yogis (haha)  – so it’s a bit of a stretch to put what I really want to encourage – which is a bit anti-business. I like to see people sip the coffee and the craft beer side – by – side. We are least concerned with shuffling people from one beer to the next to make up costs. This festival is a real test to say “hey, slow down and enjoy the different coffees and beers that have such similarities”. For us, it is most important for the business owners, staff, volunteers and ticket holders to leave happy and full of healthy amount of liquids and maybe see craft beer and coffee with new eyes.

Beer flights photo copyright Hopwired Festival
Beer flights photo copyright Hopwired Festival

Event Information:

  • Date: Feb 24th 2018
  • Time: 1pm to 5pm
  • Location: Croatian Cultural Centre @ 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC
  • General Admission: $55.00 CAN, ticket includes 4 beer drinking tokens. Price goes up to $60.00 CAN on Feb 5th, 2018.
  • Note: This event is 19+ only. Bring 2 pieces of ID for entry

To purchase tickets: Hopwired Festival

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