Salt & Brick: A farm to table gem in DT Kelowna

Restaurant: Salt & Brick
Address: 243 Bernard Ave, Kelowna BC
Phone: 778-484-3234

The Salted Brick located in Kelowna downtown takes your foodie adventure down a pleasant experimental path. Sitting just a few minutes from the downtown marina and city park, this boutique tapa place is perfect for light snacks and drinks after a cozy walk through the scenery.

The Menu

The chef and team source fresh ingredients throughout the region, benefiting from the many local farms and wineries already producing hearty and often organic produces and products. The changing menu puts forward the best of the season. We happened to visit during the harvesting month in autumn, lucky us.

The Tapas

The Roots

Beets, Coffee Turnip, Fennel Milk, Balsamic Glaze, Beet Green Slaw

The Pasta

Truffle Gouda, Pear, fresh locally made pasta

The Lamb

Smoked Almond Coffee Curd, Salts Spring Island lamb

The Pork Chop

Raisin Bread Crouton, Fruit Salad, Bacon Relish, local farm pork


Price: $$$
Atmosphere: Turning conflicting elements into unique harmony. A rustic interior with brick walls on one side and a retro romantic style wallpaper up on the other wall, casual tapa dishes served on antique looking plates. Small dishes with big tastes. I enjoyed it very much myself.
Menu: Kelowna is one of the best city to do farm to table theme menus. Salt & Brick certainly nailed it with their seasonal changing menus.

Service: Warm and friendly service. I accidentally broke the glass that still had half of my drink in it. They replaced it with a new drink for free.

Overall Experience: ★★★★

In downtown Kelowna you can find a number of unique restaurants that might do something similar. Salt & Brick may look cozy and casual on the outside. Their take on food experiment is, in conflict, very serious. Every dish have something unexpected to present, leaving customers wonder where do they have the confidence to do what they do to their food. The Pasta captured my heart and shone new lights on what pear can do in dishes.

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