Goût De France: A Worldly Celebration of French Gastronomy

Goût De France: A Worldly Celebration of French Gastronomy

Goût de France, which translates to “Good France,” is a one day celebration of French gastronomy and will be taking place in over 3000 restaurants in 150 embassies across 5 continents.  During this event participating restaurants will pay homage to the most classical and refined form of cooking imaginable with their creative and technical menu offerings.  Expect course after course of meticulously beautified dishes and thoughtfully put together flavours. This year the primary event which is held in France will be paying tribute to the late Chef Paul Bocuse  by integrating a dish inspired by his kitchen into their menus.

The late Chef Paul Bocuse. Picture taken from the Good France Facebook page.

When is it?

This event will take place on Wednesday, March 21st, less than 48 hours from now!  This is the fourth year running and Good France has successfully grown its participants continuously to greater numbers than the previous year.

Picture from the Good France Facebook page.

What to expect?

Ranging from $42-$98 for anywhere between 4-8 courses and some menus providing more than one option available to choose from, every spread has been especially put together by the head Chef of its location for this single day event.  All of the consideration that has gone into the cuisine has lent itself to the suggested wine pairings also so expect some sensational combinations to stimulate the palate.

Picture taken from the Good France Facebook page


Where will it be?

Vancouver is representing Canada proudly with some of our best French culinary masters spread across nine partaking locations this year, an increase from three in 2017.  Here are those locations:

(Name, Address, Phone Number, Menu Cost)

Tableau Bar Bistro – 1181 Melville St. (604)-639-8692, $70

Bistro Pastis – 2153 West 4th Ave Vancouver (604)-731-5020, $59

Linh Café – 2836 West  4th Ave Vancouver (604)-559-4668, $59

Provence – 1177 Marinaside Crescent Vancouver (604)-681-4144, $62

The French Table – 3916 Main St. Vancouver (604)-689-3237, $60

Le Crocodile – 100-909 Burrard St. Vancouver (604)-760-9367, $98

Jules  – 216 Abbot St. Vancouver (604)-669-0033, $42

Bistro 41 – 2156 West  41st Ave Vancouver (604)-266-2156, $55

La Brass – 4473 West 10th Ave Vancouver (604)-222-1980, TBD

Picture from the Good France Facebook page

How to take part?

Book your Goût De France dinner directly with your restaurant of choice by calling them to make a reservation before tables run out. Click the links below if you would like to check out the menus prior to booking.


Bistro 41:         http://restaurateurs.goodfrance.com/en/user/5317#profile-main

Bon Appétit!

Picture from the Good France Facebook page.

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