Handi Cuisine: East Indian cuisine in the finest traditional way

Handi Cuisine Chicken Tikka Masala served on a simmering pot

Restaurant Information

Restaurant: Handi Cuisine

Address: 4432 Dunbar Street, Vancouver BC

Phone number: (604) 738-3186


The Restaurant

Indian cuisine have a special place in my heart. I had my first taste of fresh out of the oven, soft baked naan bread, when I was young and traveling in India. My little belly was filled with sweet satisfaction and happiness. Ever since I have been captivated by the striking taste of Indian food.

It delights me to have found Handi Cuisine in the Dunbar neighborhood in Vancouver. The restaurant is decorated in colorful tiles and stain glass windows with tables dressed in bright linens. The main dishes are served on traditional thick-bottomed pots that kept the food shimmering warm. For a moment I thought I was back in Mumbai (it was still called Bombay when I visited). The sounds of the busy streets slipped into my thoughts one dish at a time.

The Appetizers

a photo of Handi Cuisine's paneer pakoras which is cottage cheese battered with Indian spices and deep fried

The appetizers menu at Handi Cuisine has a selection of samosas and pakoras. We ordered the Paneer Pakoras, which is cottage cheese battered with Indian spices & deep fried. It came with two dipping sauces, one resemble a milder BBQ sauce while the green color sauce seems to be a mix of vegetable ingredients with a fresher lighter taste.

The Mains

photo of the beef vindaloo served on a shimmering pot  a photo of the chicken tikka masala served on a shimmering pot

The two main dishes we ordered were both served on a simmering pot. On the left is Beef Vindaloo, which is boneless beef and potatoes cooked in a zesty tangy curry sauce, ordered medium spicy. On the right is the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is Grilled chicken cooked in onion & tomato based sauce, ordered mild spicy.

Both dishes were quite a big portion. The meat in both dishes were cooked perfectly. The potatoes in the vindaloo kept their shape in the sauce, while the vegetables in the masala added sweetness to the dish.

a photo of the combo extras that includes freshly baked naan bread, rice and salad

There is the option of adding $6 to make the main dish into a full dinner with rice, naan and dal. The naan bread was the sparkling gem. It was the most delicious and authentic  naan I have had in years. Freshly baked, soft and warm, the pieces were quickly disappearing off my plate before I realized I have neglected the rice and the dal.

It was a great experience dining here. The staff was friendly, the restaurant environment is lovely and well air-conditioned for the hot summer days. However, most importantly, the food was authentic and delicious. I do look forward to the next plate of freshly baked naan, and look forward to all the delicious dishes I have yet to try.


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